Empathic Intervision Facilitation 

Certification Program

The certified Empathic Intervision Facilitation Program equips you to become a certified Empathic Intervision facilitator. Consequently, you will be able to facilitate Integrative Empathy practices and Empathic Intervisions with organizations and groups, facilitating people to address diverse and potentially difficult conversations in an empathic way.

This program follows the successful completion of the Building Blocks of Integrative Empathy and Practising Integrative Empathy courses.

By following the Empathic Intervision Facilitation Program you enhance your own Integrative Empathy skills as well as acquire Empathic Intervision Standards of Practice to facilitate empathy in others. 

Empathic Intervision Standards of Practice

The program teaches both general facilitation skills as well as the facilitation skills specific to the five Integrative Empathy aspects:

  • With Self-empathy you learn to be comfortable with the expression of emotions while maintaining neutral emotions yourself.
  • In Kinesthetic empathy you learn observation skills, work with non-verbal cues and create group cohesion using physicality rather than thought.
  • In Reflective empathy you learn to play with the rules of empathic listening. This includes how to guide a group to hold a space for everyone to express themselves and be heard.
  • In Imaginative empathy you learn skills to distil perspectives as well as acknowledge their value and encourage diversity. This includes skills to suspend judgment and encourage others free from your own projections, values, norms and opinions.
  • In Empathic creativity you learn to guide a group to gather insights. You will also be able to ensure that behavioural change potential is actionable.

Program Characteristics

  • Date: To be advised
  • Duration: One year 
  • The first six weeks: 2 hours a week of online training on Zoom
  • The next 10 months: 90 minutes online Coaching once a month on Zoom
  • Price: EUR 1 850 based on completion within a year. There will be an additional fee based on a sliding scale depending on how many further months are planned for completion

Program Content

You will be required to conduct at least six Empathic Intervision group sessions and to complete a Development Portfolio.

Target Audience

  • Health practitioners
  • Coaches and mentors
  • Facilitators
  • Business leaders and managers
  • Parents
  • Educators
  • Anyone interested in empathy, communication and interpersonal interaction.