This online service provides an introduction to Empathic Intervision. During four weekly sessions we explore the empathic layers of one complete Empathic Intervision Process. This introduction is guided by experienced facilitators to ensure an optimal learning experience. Each session of 120 minutes introduces an understanding of-, and practical skills for empathy in Empathic Intervision:

  • Self-empathy and intention setting
  • Kinesthetic empathy and connection with others
  • Reflective empathy and mutual understanding
  • Imaginative empathy and diversifying perspectives
  • Empathic creativity and actionable outcomes

Sessions are conducted online on Zoom with groups of between 6 and 10 people. The method is taught using daily-work examples provided by participants.

Yes, it shows: the intentions, I think when you adapt it for yourself, you speak it and you stand by it. It really make a difference in your life, without you even sometimes noticing it. But it can be life changing.

- Empathic Intervision participant, SA