The  Empathy Courses teach five Integrative Empathy skills as basic or derived courses. The four basic courses build upon each other to hone your general empathy skills. First you can join our FREE Introduction. You will gain a thorough understanding in Building Blocks and follow up by Practising Integrative Empathy. The successful completion of Building Blocks and Practising Integrative Empathy qualifies you to enrol for the Empathic Intervision Facilitation program. 

Integrative Empathy Introduction

Wondering what Integrative Empathy is? This is the program for you. An Empathic Intervision experience and all your questions answered in this free introductory session.

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The Building Blocks of Integrative Empathy

Integrative Empathy combines different perspectives on empathy into five skills. This course teaches you about the scientific foundations underlying this model.

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Practising Integrative Empathy

There is a lot of talk about empathy, but how do we put theory into practice? This course teaches you how to work with five Integrative Empathy skills.

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Empathic Intervision Facilitation 

You have learned how to work with, and diversify your practice with, Integrative Empathy skills. This follow-up program equips you to be a certified Empathic Intervision facilitator

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The derived courses offer online empathy training applied to, and practised in, specific professional contexts. 

Integrative Empathy for Design

This interactive online workshop equips you with practical skills to apply empathy in design. It deepens empathy-focused research and multi-stakeholder dynamics throughout the design process.

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Consulting with Integrative Empathy 

You have learned how to work with the five Integrative Empathy skills in the Practising Integrative Empathy course but wonder how to apply them in your work setting?. This follow-on course guides you to research, apply and diversify empathy practice in your professional context.

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Empathy Masterclass for Teachers

This interactive online Empathy Masterclass for Teachers prepares educators to facilitate empathy skilfully in the classroom.

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Empathy Masterclass for Students

This interactive online masterclass equips students with skills for five distinct aspects of Integrative Empathy with five behavioral consequences.

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