In an in-house program, groups of colleagues can either work through a single topic-focused Empathic Intervision session or build a longitudinal intervision habit. To build this habit, the facilitated Intervision program is initially guided by experienced Empathic Intervision facilitators. The aim is to identify and train in-house Empathic Intervision facilitators to support teams or groups of colleagues to hold regular meetings. An implementation plan helps to identify a successful path towards a longitudinal habit.

“We now had, uhm, the skill we have, uhm, experience in how it feels to be more empathetic and things like that. We are the carriers in this organization or those skills and things. So [...] we must stand up for those things more.”

- Empathic Intervision participant, SA

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This course offers an in-depth training in an understanding of-, and practical skills for the layers of empathy and how to apply them differently, depending on specific team challenges. The course helps teams start off and maintain their Empathic Intervision routine.

The Empathic Intervision Team Training takes place over two days with small groups of between 6 and 14 people. 

Participants come away with the skills to take part in an Empathic Intervision session guided by a trained facilitator.

“I just think [...] at the end of the day, most of the times you would see the value not there and then, but you would see it afterwards, Most of the things I’ve learnt actually came from those two days, and it's all about your own openness and acceptance to the whole thing and whatever. And also maybe to the presenters, the facilitators. How you present it to us and things like that. So everything that's now impacting positive in my life now, it came from those two days, you know. And it's all about me being open, and that safe environment that you've actually created for us. And that unconditional thing about you, and that you actually make it so easy for us, a very difficult situation or program actually, or sessions, you make it so easy for us to use your skill so that we can be acceptable to the whole thing. So I really value those two days.”

- Empathic Intervision participant, SA

Empathic Intervision creates the environment for each individual to share their expertise and insights in peer-to-peer interaction. Hierarchical role structures and habits relevant in certain professional activities need to be left behind when participating in Empathic Intervision, where they are of no use. Role instruction sessions guide managers and facilitators to distinguish and act within their Empathic Intervision roles.

This train-the-trainer-course offers an in-depth training to facilitate Empathic intervision sessions. It covers both, an understanding of-, as well as practical skills for the layers of empathy in intervision and how to guide others in applying them. It also explicitly helps facilitators to develop ways to hold an empathy conducive space within team settings.

The Empathic Intervision Facilitator Training course takes place over five days with small groups of between 6 and 14 people. 

Participants come away with the skills to facilitate an Empathic Intervision session with teams who have undergone the Empathic Intervision Team Training. 

Following one year of independent team facilitation, guided by Facilitator Coaching, facilitators may attend a follow-up two-day training. The successful outcome of an evaluation process qualifies them to conduct Empathic Intervision Team Training and single topic-focused Empathic Intervision sessions within their organization.

Facilitator coaching is provided as a support network to facilitators during their first year as team facilitators. It helps facilitators to deal with issues they run into, builds a facilitator network and ensures that Empathic Intervision facilitators bring well trained and grounded skills into their respective organisations.


If you are interested to establish and maintain a longitudinal Empathic Intervision habit within your organization why not contact us. As a complementary service, we will design an implementation plan in close consultation with relevant people in your organisation. The plan is taylor-made to respond to the unique organisational culture and to address the specific needs of your organisation. It  incorporates a combination of: Facilitated topic-focused Empathic Intervision sessions, Role instruction sessions for managers and facilitators, Team training, Facilitator training and Facilitator Coaching.