Practising Integrative Empathy

The 5 Core Empathy Skills

This course is teaches you about Practising Integrative Empathy. Empathy is hot, which you’ll see by the number of articles written about the subject. Yet despite its popularity, people complain about a lack of empathy in the world. In this course you learn that skillful empathy is an embodied practice. Therefore, it is not enough to just understand what it is. It also needs to be experienced.

Practising Integrative Empathy focuses on the practice of empathy with five distinct but connected skills:

  • Bring your undivided attention with self-empathy
  • Create and maintaining connection with kinesthetic empathy
  • Foster mutual understanding with reflective empathy
  • Diversify perspectives with imaginative empathy
  • Ensure actionable outcomes with empathic creativity

Course Characteristics

  • Date: 19 January 2022 at 16h00 CET
  • Durations: 6 weeks
  • Format: 3-4 hours a week of self-paced learning and 2 hours a week of online training on Zoom
  • Group size: 4 to 10 participants
  • Price: EUR 450

Course Content

Each weekly module consists of reading materials, videos, quizzes and suggested further reading. These guide you to learn in a structured but flexible way. Then you practice, discuss and reflect on your learning during the online training.

Target Audience

  • Health practitioners
  • Coaches and mentors
  • Facilitators and trainers
  • Business leaders and managers
  • Parents
  • Educators
  • Anyone interested in empathy, communication and interpersonal interaction.

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Six week course with 2 hours a week of online training through Zoom and 3-4 hours a week of self-paced online learning.

Starting dates: Twice a year, the next course starts Wednesday 19 January 2022 16h00 CET

Price: EUR 450

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