Single topic-focused Empathic Intervision sessions

Teams can get stuck. Group dynamics are often the reason. We think we know what others have to say, we have heard it many times before. One or more facilitated peer support Empathic Intervision session(s) focused on a specific topic, can be a way to get unstuck and move a team forward.

So uhm, and I think I learn more about myself also in those two days. And so much more about the needs of my colleagues that I work with. And uhm, this whole thing brought to me more awareness. More awareness of others’ feelings, of how they perceive things, how they react under stress. What are the things they struggle with. And it so much helped me also to understand that better.

- Empathic Intervision participant, SA

Some decisions which need to be taken have such far reaching consequences, that one hesitates to make them. A decision needs focus. It needs to be seen from all possible perspectives and it needs to be projected into future consequences. A facilitated Empathic Intervision decision making session can be a way to get the overview and take decisions with confidence and trust. 

Management is convinced of the direction to take with an organisation but staff are not on board. Communication can fall on deaf ears. What is needed is a place to listen to each other. A facilitated Empathic Intervision participation session helps to hear all voices without shouting over one another. It builds mutual understanding and respect.

The above situations are a few examples of ways in which facilitated topic focused Empathic Intervision sessions can be of service. It is always possible to contact us and explore together whether this method can address your specific challenges.