Teamwork with Empathic Intervision

Facilitated Empathic Intervision for peer learning and support

Effective teamwork happens when co-workers rise above misunderstanding and tunnel vision, embrace diversity in all of its manifestations and guide the co-creation of solutions through self-knowledge, mutual appreciation, creativity and understanding.

Our experienced Empathic Intervision facilitators will guide your team through a single or a series of Empathic Intervision sessions. Your team will be facilitated to identify opportunities and co-create solutions related to a specific topic or challenge. In a safe space you will be using empathic methods to learn from each other, tackle professional challenges and resolve inter-collegial challenges.

How Empathic Intervision can help your team

Your team will be guided through a series of activities to address a topic or challenge. We will facilitate psychological safety and be aware of the complexity of interpersonal dynamics. We will uphold an environment that maximizes each person’s unique strengths, skills and perspectives and leads to solutions where everyone is on board.

Where Empathic Intervision can help teamwork

The applications and benefits of Empathic Intervision are varied. 

Teams can get stuck. Group dynamics are often the reason. We think we know what others have to say, we have heard it many times before. One or more facilitated peer support Empathic Intervision session(s) focused on a specific topic, can be a way to get unstuck and move a team forward.

Some decisions which need to be taken have such far reaching consequences, that one hesitates to make them. A decision needs focus. It needs to be seen from all possible perspectives and it needs to be projected into future consequences. A facilitated Empathic Intervision decision making session can be a way to get the overview and take decisions with confidence and trust.

Management is convinced of the direction to take with an organisation but staff are not on board. Communication can fall on deaf ears. What is needed is a place to mutually listen. A facilitated Empathic Intervision participation session helps to hear all voices without shouting over one another. It builds mutual understanding and respect.

The above situations are a few examples of ways in which facilitated topic-focused Empathic Intervision sessions can be of service.

What Empathic Intervision offers your team

Empathy as a competency, improves teamwork. During an Empathic Intervision, five aspects of empathy are applied as team building activities:

  • Bringing your undivided attention with self-empathy
  • Creating and maintaining connection with kinesthetic empathy
  • Fostering mutual understanding with reflective empathy
  • Diversifying perspectives with imaginative empathy
  • Ensuring actionable outcomes with empathic creativity

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Who are your facilitators

Lidewij Niezink and Katherine Train, the co-founders of Empathic Intervision, will be your teachers and facilitators.  

Dr Lidewij Niezink is an independent empathy scholar and practitioner, co-founder of Empathic Intervision, and Applied Psychology teacher, holding a PhD from the University of Groningen in The Netherlands. She develops evidence-based interventions and education for diverse organisations and writes and speaks on empathy for scientific, professional and lay publics.

Dr Katherine Train is an independent empathy scholar and practitioner, co-founder of Empathic Intervision and Empathy Facilitator at Design Thinkers Academy, South Africa. She holds a PhD from UCT, Graduate School of Business. She researches, develops and presents training on empathy, wellbeing and professional development and writes on these topics for scientific, professional and lay readers.