The Five Integrative Empathy Skills

This short online course introduces 5 distinct aspects of empathy and their practical application

Are you convinced of  the importance of empathy for work,  home and relationships but you’re not sure where to start?ORYou find you are overwhelmed by other people’s emotions or struggle to understand them. This program is for you!

Empathy is a competency. Training and practice improves your empathic muscles. To train empathy, we developed the theory and practice of Integrative Empathy. To master empathy as a set of skills, we first differentiate the components involved, to then turn them into effective practice. This course addresses five distinct but interconnected aspects of empathy with five behavioural consequences:

  • Self-empathy and intention setting
  • Kinesthetic empathy and connecting with others
  • Reflective empathy and mutual understanding
  • Imaginative empathy and diversifying perspectives
  • Empathic creativity and actionable outcomes

What you will learn

In this short introductory course you will gain an understanding of, and practical exercises to practice these five aspects of empathy and to master the behavioural consequences in your personal and professional life.

Join our next scheduled course

The course takes place on Zoom over three weeks with small groups of 6 to 12 people. 

Three modules, each with three components: Preparation; Online session and Reflection are studied and practised, one module each week.

To successfully complete the course you will need to attend each session and spend self-study time in preparation before, and reflection after the sessions.

The next scheduled course starts Wednesday 3 February, 2021 The Online sessions will be held weekly from 16h00 to 18h00 (Central European Time).

Cost of Course : €195

Email us  to secure a place or to enquire more about the course.

Your facilitators

Lidewij Niezink and Katherine Train, the co-founders of Empathic Intervision, will be your teachers and facilitators.  

Dr Lidewij Niezink is an independent empathy scholar and practitioner, co-founder of Empathic Intervision, and Applied Psychology teacher, holding a PhD from the University of Groningen in The Netherlands. She develops evidence-based interventions and education for diverse organisations and writes and speaks on empathy for scientific, professional and lay publics.

Dr Katherine Train is an independent empathy scholar and practitioner, co-founder of Empathic Intervision and Empathy Facilitator at Design Thinkers Academy, South Africa. She holds a PhD from UCT, Graduate School of Business. She researches, develops and presents training on empathy, wellbeing and professional development and writes on these topics for scientific, professional and lay readers.