When co-workers rise above misunderstanding and tunnel vision, they can embrace diversity in all of its manifestations and guide the co-creation of a just and equitable world through self-knowledge, mutual appreciation, creativity and understanding.


As with many modern stories, the story of Empathic Intervision started on the internet. We were two passionate empathy soloists looking for an orchestra. A chance meeting, an immediate understanding of what we shared and a respect for how our differences complement each other lead us to respond together to a joint project. Combining our knowledge and developing practice in response to the immediate needs of a client meant that Empathic Intervision was born.


Lidewij Niezink and Katherine Train bring diverse and complementary knowledge, experience in research and practical skills to co-develop Empathic Intervision as an evidence- and science-informed organisational process.

Lidewij Niezink

Lidewij Niezink is an independent scholar and practitioner, focused on the development of empathy theory and practice. She dedicates her professional life to the integration of fundamental and applied research from science in psychology, philosophy, social neuroscience, the arts and anthropology, with practice based experiential methods.

After completing her PhD in 2008, Dr. Niezink chose to combine academia with practice and works internationally to develop evidence based interventions and education for diverse groups and organisations, ranging from universities to firefighters, from actors to entrepreneurs and from (mental) healthcare professionals to engineers. 

She has extensive experience in higher education at the University of Groningen and the Hanze University in the Netherlands. Teaching included labour-, social and organisational psychology; intervention methods, qualitative and quantitative research, bachelors- & masters thesis and information literacy. She has written and presented on empathy for both scientific as well as lay publics and recently authored a book on critical information literacy. 

 More information on Dr Niezink can be found on her LinkedIn profile.

Katherine Train

Katherine Train is an independent practitioner and researcher. Since 2005 she has been researching, developing learning material and presenting training on professional development, wellbeing, presence, empathy and prevention of compassion fatigue and burnout in the corporate, NGO and public sector. These skills are applied to leadership, teamwork, diversity, tolerance and ethical decision making.  

Her special research interest has been in the application of empathy in organizations in South Africa during a time when South Africa is emerging as a new democracy with its cultural and resource diversity and history of social upheaval. She particularly likes to work with organizations addressing social change.

She holds a PhD from the University of Cape Town, Graduate School of Business where she researched compassion capability in resource-limited organizations in South Africa characterized by diversity across cultural, racial, socio-economic and educational lines. 

More information on Dr Train can be found on her LinkedIn profile.