When co-workers rise above misunderstanding and tunnel vision, they can embrace diversity in all of its manifestations and guide the co-creation of a just and equitable world through self-knowledge, mutual appreciation, creativity and understanding.


As with many modern stories, Empathic Intervision started on the internet. We were two passionate empathy soloists looking for an orchestra. A chance meeting, an immediate understanding of what we shared and a respect for our differences lead us to respond together to a project. Combining our knowledge and practice in response to the needs of a client gave birth to Empathic Intervision.


Lidewij Niezink and Katherine Train bring diverse and complementary knowledge, experience in research and practical skills to co-develop Empathic Intervision as an evidence- and science-informed organisational process.

Lidewij Niezink

Lidewij Niezink is co-founder of Empathic Intervision, focused on evidence-based development of empathy skill building.
After completing her PhD, Dr. Niezink chose to combine academia with practice and works internationally to develop interventions and education for diverse groups and organisations, ranging from universities to firefighters, from actors to entrepreneurs and from (mental) healthcare professionals to engineers. She dedicates her professional life to the integration of practice and research from science in psychology, philosophy, social neuroscience, biology, the arts and anthropology.

More information on Dr Niezink can be found on her LinkedIn profile.

Katherine Train

Katherine Train is co-founder, trainer and facilitator at Empathic Intervision.

With a background in pharmacy practice, she completed her PhD as a foundation for empathy practice in organisations within and across sectors. She works with empathy as an essential skill in professional development, wellbeing, design and prevention of compassion fatigue and burnout in the corporate, NGO and public sector. These skills are applied to leadership, teamwork, diversity, tolerance and ethical decision making.  Her special interest has been in the application of empathy in organizations in South Africa during a time when South Africa is emerging as a democracy with all the challenges and opportunities that go with its cultural, social and resource diversity.

More information on Dr Train can be found on her LinkedIn profile.


Our certified facilitators are qualified and endorsed by us to facilitate Empathic Intervisions with groups or in your organization. You are welcome to contact them directly, or to enquire with us and we will put together a team of facilitators to suit your requirements.

Bhawana Shrestha

A Ph.D. scholar of Educational Leadership at Kathmandu University, Bhawana Shrestha is the co-founder of My Emotions Matter, an education initiative that works on Emotional Intelligence in Nepal. Also working as a faculty member at King’s College, Nepal her journey of Empathic Intervision started when she started working as an International Teacher Ambassador for Empathy Week 2021. For her, the year-long Empathic Intervision facilitation certification is helpful not just for her professional life as a facilitator but also a meaningful contribution to her personal growth. Contact: My Emotions Matter, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Rasha Kutty

Rasha Kutty is the Director and Chief Facilitator at Empathy Matters Private Limited, the flagship initiative of which is the Empathy University®. She is an organizational culture change consultant who has collaborated previously with pioneers such as Yahoo, Apple, TEDx and Technovation.

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Tessa Martina

Tessa is delighted to deliver concise practical empathy to sustain individual potentials within teams and for individuals.

Empathic Intervision Facilitation Course blended a life time of Resilience and Empathic approaches in private and public companies including: UK Universities, National Health Service, Channel 4 and Charities.

In person locations prior to digital delivery includes UK, Europe, Mozambique, Botswana, South Africa and Central America.

Isha Vikram

Isha Vikram is a certified Empathic Intervision Facilitator based out of Belgium.

Her passion for deep connections drew her to the world of empathy and her primary goal for any facilitation session is that everyone feels heard. Her sessions are crafted to nurture conversations that allow a deeper understanding of each other’s perspectives. Isha has a master’s degree in cultural studies and has worked on cultural and communication projects for the past 8 years. She is also a professionally trained Indian classical dancer who loves to perform.