Integrative Empathy Introduction

Empathy is a competency, therefore training and practice can improve our empathic muscles. In order to train Integrative Empathy, we developed the process of Empathic Intervision. In this Integrative Empathy Introduction we distinguish five aspects of empathy which result in five behaviours:

  • Bring your undivided attention with self-empathy
  • Create and maintain connection with kinesthetic empathy
  • Foster mutual understanding with reflective empathy
  • Diversify perspectives with imaginative empathy
  • Ensure actionable outcomes with empathic creativity

Course Characteristics

  • Date: September 20, 16h00 CET
  • Durations: 90 minutes
  • Format: On Zoom
  • Group size: 4 to 9 participants
  • Price: Free

Course Content

In this short introduction our facilitators will introduce you to Integrative Empathy. They will also answer any questions about the Integrative Empathy and Empathic Intervision training we offer.

Target Audience

  • Health practitioners
  • Coaches and mentors
  • Trainers and facilitators
  • Business leaders and managers
  • Parents
  • Educators
  • General public with an interest in empathy

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The next Integrative Empathy Introduction is on September 20, 16h00 CET.

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