Empathy Masterclass for Teachers

The 5 Core Empathy Skills for Teachers

This interactive online Empathy Masterclass for Teachers prepares educators to facilitate empathy skilfully in the classroom. Empathy is a competency. It needs to be understood, but more importantly, it needs to be practised.

Children need to keep up with the lightning pace of modern society and increasing levels of intolerance and polarization. This requires great flexibility and an ability to deal with uncertainty. Problem solving, collaboration, communication, critical thinking, creativity, flexibility, social skills and leadership are crucial skills for participation in the 21st century. Empathy is part of each and every one of these.

In our live Online Classroom, teachers will practice their empathic capacities. Together we will also learn to apply empathic skills with students in the classroom as well as facilitate them to empathise with others. Teachers will learn how to encourage and respect personal expression while being on the lookout for prejudice and intolerance. 

Course Characteristics

  • Date: 09 September 2021, 13 January 2022
  • Duration: 1 session
  • Format: 3 hours online and 1 hour self-study up front
  • Group size: 12 to 20 participants
  • Price: EUR EUR 75 (we advocate equal chances for everyone, please enquire about scholarships if you are teaching in a developing country)

Program Content 

  • What is empathy?
  • Introduction to Integrative Empathy
  • Conducive environments to build relationships
  • Encourage and support emotional awareness and overcome prejudice  with Self-empathy
  • Create rapport in the classroom with Kinesthetic empathy
  • Facilitate deep listening amongst students with Reflective empathy
  • Consolidate learning with Empathic creativity

Target Audience

  • Teachers in all fields of education

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Price: EUR 75

Please email us about scholarships if you are teaching in a developing country.

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