Integrative Empathy for Design

This Integrative Empathy for Design workshop equips you with practical knowhow and hands-on skills to deepen your empathy for design. In our live Online Classroom you learn to apply self-empathy and bias, non-verbal communication, deep listening and imagination, as hands-on behaviour, guiding you in your design research.

Empathy is given centre-stage in design thinking and human-centred design. It is useful throughout the design process since it offers skills to guide interactions between multi-stakeholders. It is also the basis for doing skilful research, interviewing and observing clients. However, what is often lacking is specific instruction on how to use empathy in research and design.

Integrative Empathy for Design, provides specific instructions on the how of empathy. What’s more, you will be given ample time to apply your skills to your own design challenges. Throughout the workshop our experienced facilitators will provide coaching and feedback as they encourage you to deepen your insights into customers and teams .

Program Characteristics

  • Duration: 1 session
  • Format: 3 hours online on Zoom and 2 hours self-study before and after the workshop
  • Group sizes: 8 to 12 participants
  • Price: EUR 195

Program Content

  • Awareness and bias with Self-empathy
  • Create rapport with Kinesthetic empathy
  • Reveal deeper needs with Reflective empathy
  • Diversify perspectives with Imaginative empathy
  • Consolidate with Empathic creativity

Target Audience

  • Designers
  • Design thinkers, educators and facilitators
  • Service designers, educators and facilitators
  • Human-centred designers, educators and facilitators
  • Customer service and customer success managers
  • Professionals interested in empathy, communication and team dynamics in design.

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