Let’s Play Empathy!

Being home with your children is their dream, yet to you it might feel overwhelming at times. Whether you are starting your homeschooling journey, trying to keep your children from interfering with your work duties or are just looking for some family quality time, we’ve put together some playful exercises to practise empathy with your children. We added recommended ages for the different exercises but you might find that your children add their own creativity at different ages. We’d love to hear all about it!

Let us know how you get along: @Eintervision

What we feel… with

Exploring together what we feel and what
that feeling looks like.
(Ages 4-12)

You Move I Move… with
Kinesthetic Empathy

The best way to connect together is when we
try to be like a mirror!
(Ages 3-16)

Mirror Mirror on the Wall… with
Reflective Empathy

Can we repeat a message correctly?
(Ages 5-14)

If I were You… with
Imaginative Empathy

Imagine what it is like to be a
frog in the rain or a lion in the desert …
(Ages 6-16)

Building a Story Together… with
Empathic Creativity

Collective storytelling with objects.
(Ages 5-16)