What we feel with Self-Empathy

The Idea

Sometimes we feel something but we don’t really notice we do. With this exercise we are going to explore our feelings together.


You will need:

  • Yourselves and…
  • Some colouring pencils and paper


Let’s play!

  1. Sit together, not touching each other and close your eyes
  2. Let’s start by taking some deep slow breaths, exhaling slowly through your mouths.
  3. Count how long it takes you: four seconds to breath in, five seconds to breath out.
  4. Now feel inside your body: do you notice a place where the feeling is stronger?
  5. Put your hand on that place and see what it feels like
  6. Maybe the feeling has a colour? What colour do you see?
  7. Maybe the feeling has a shape? Can you make the shape with your hands?
  8. The feeling probably also has a name. What name would you give it?
  9. Open your eyes and show us what you felt: can you draw it on the paper? Don’t forget to give it the colour and the name as well!

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