You Move I Move ... with Kinesthetic Empathy

The Idea

We understand each other much better if our bodies move together. In this exercise we are going to explore how it feels to move together.


I like to move it - Zumba Kids

You will need:

  • All players need to find their favourite song (or two!) to dance to and something to play it on.

Let’s play!

You can play this game either in couples or in a group.

  1. Each player takes turns: playing their favourite song for a minute and dancing to it.
  2. All other players try to mirror the dance moves of the player who’s song is playing.
  3. When the minute is over, the dancer decides whether the others have  been acting like proper mirrors.
  4. Then the next song is played and all players mirror the new dancer.
  5. When all songs are played, and you still fancy a bit more, you can either return to the same song of the first player and try a new dance, or change songs and keep going.
  6. Make sure there are plenty of drinks around, dancing makes you thirsty!

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